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Plant of the week!

(May 10, 2019)

Each week, Barbara will select a plant to become Stonecrop's plant of the week.

We're going to start with the stunning Wisteria.

Usually thought of as climbers, this versatile plant can be trained as a free standing standard amongst other things. With its stunning flowers and beautiful scents, it's not hard to see why this hardy beauty has made it as our first plant of the week.

Here at Stonecrop we stock a variety of Wisteria to suit all budgets and spaces. 

Single cane - £19

Bonsai - £39

Standard - £80

Espalier - £120

Three cane - £180

If you fancy decorating your outside space with one of these, pop along and see us at the nursery - just remember to call ahead of your visit to make sure we're in!




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