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Plant of the week. Tulbaghia Violacea - Society Garlic.

(June 14, 2019)

Our plant of the week is... Tulbaghia Violacea or 'Society Garlic'.

The name society garlic, stems from the edible parts not leaving an offensive odour on one's breath after eating it!

This beautiful plant, with its soft fragrant leaves, and delicate nectar-pollen rich flowers is known for attracting bees. It will do well in well drained soiled but is also recognised as a marginal aquatic.

The leaves and flowers are edible, and can be used as a substitute for garlic and garlic chives. In addition, if rubbed onto the skin, the scent from the leaves is said to act as a repellent from fleas, ticks and mosquitos!

This versatile plant will look and smell wonderful when planted in patios, cottage gardens, water garden, low maintenance gardens and many more.

Our plants are just £5 each!

 Tulbaghia Violacea 1Tulbaghia Violacea 2


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