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(December 14, 2010)

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 eastlound snow 1
December came and the heavens opened !!! No one could have predicted the extreme weather that we experienced, and unfortunately the devastation that it would cause around the U.K .
The nursery got quite badly damaged and we lost a considerable amount of stock. To add to our troubles one of our twin span polly tunnels collapsed under the weight of the snow. Plants that I planted as a child which have stood up to snow, ice, frost and wind over the past 20 years also unfortunately died.
Below are some pictures that we took just to show how bad the snow was.  
snow tunnels

One of our twin span tunnels that collapsed under thw eight of the snow     

snow tunnel 2

Another shot of the tunnel which was unfortunatly full of stock

snow yard

The yard , normaly full of stock most of which we managed to get under cover



snow tunnel 2

Inside one side of the mangled tunnel

eastlound snow 2

This is a shot looking down the B road that the nursery is situated on only passable for a few daring four wheel drives

snow back garden

The depth of snow here is shown against my brothers four wheel drive


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